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About Marintec

Bill Dunlop is a highly experienced yacht surveyor, with over 40 years in the marine industry and 27 years trading as Marintec. Marintec was formed in 1983 and specialises in all aspects of yacht surveying Bill Dunlop has been consulted by various major yards, in UK and Europe, on best practice regarding yacht systems.

Bill Dunlop is an experienced boat owner having cruised both UK and Mediterranean. The range of boats owned stretch from a Boston Whaler through Cranchis, Sunseekers to Princess V50. At present time he owns a Sunseeker in the Med and a Cornish Shrimper in UK.

There is no substitute for years of experience in this profession

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Our Services

The purchase of a vessel, whether new or previously owned, is a large capital expenditure. It is important to ensure that your investment is sound, which takes considerable experience and equipment to establish. A structural survey may be adequate for some vessels, but it must be remembered the powerhouse, whether that be engines and/or sails, spars, together with the systems in a vessel can be valued at anywhere between 50% and 75% of the purchase figure. The price of a full and detailed survey is a cost that pales into insignificance when compared to the potential it can unearth.

  • 1. Detailed, full or partial surveys
  • on power or sail vessels, built in GRP, wood, steel, aluminium.
  • 3. System Surveys:
  • Engines – diesel or petrol, Electrics – DC & AC, Fluids – potable, grey, black & fuel, Engineering,- supporting systems for the engines, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, hydraulics – both for deck machinery and thrusters. Deck machinery – winches, cranes, powerpacks
  • Overseeing of new builds and refurbishments/modifications
  • An independent party monitoring the work to ensure best practices/the Specification is adhered to.
  • Fault Analysis
  • A component has gone down – whether a powerpack or the main engine – was it due to incorrect use, lack of maintenance, or was it installed incorrectly originally?
  • Maintenance work lists/programmes
  • The vessel is inspected and a list of maintenance work produced for owner’s consideration which then may be put out for quotation
  • MCA certification
  • To carry out the various procedures for certification of a leisure vessel up to 24metres load line.
  • ‘Walkabout’
  • To help a client decide, when interested in a number of vessels, which would be the better to make an offer on and proceed to survey
  • Damage Surveys
  • In many instances it is in the owner’s interest to have his surveyor work alongside the insurer’s surveyor to ensure your vessel is returned to pre-incident condition.
  • Trials
  • Handovers, Engines, Systems, Basin, Sea. Whether the vessel is brand new or has just completed a refit, full trials with all information documented is vital prior to completing payment.
  • Specification Compiling , Contract negotiation
  • Whether one is having a minor refit, major refit or one-off special vessel constructed a full and detailed Specification saves many misunderstandings during the building cycle.
  • Expert Witness work
  • Whether you are a claimant or defendant, correct detailed information for the court is a priority requirement
  • Tonnage measurements
  • Requirement for Part 1 registration.
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Training & Experience

Mc Gruer & Co, Clynder, premier yacht builder;

Day Release and Night school at Clydebank; Caterpillar, Glasgow, Marine Division. This covered the installation, re-building and testing in the dynamometer house of a complete range of Caterpillar prime movers.

The preparation and rebuilding of standard Ford and BMC four cylinder motors to increase power and reliability for club racing and hill climbing. Yacht and Boatyard Management, Southampton;

Held management positions in yards in U.K and overseas;

  • Associate: R.I.N.A.
  • Fellow: Y.D.S.A.
  • Member: Royal Ocean Racing Club.


Long gone are the days of only a Mark 1 eyeball and hammer! Present day requirements are for augmentation with highly specialist test equipment.

the equipment i use

Current Projects:

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Contact Us

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  • Bill Dunlop
  • 0044 1590 683 414
  • 07836 645 577
  • 0044 1590 678 319
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Main office is at Lymington, Hampshire, giving easy access to all areas along the south coast and to the major airports for his assignments worldwide. Mediterranean office is at Port Andratx, Majorca, to cater for the many clients around the Ballearic Isles.